Nowadays so many routers were launched with great features. So for that many people used so many routers in their work. One of them Belkin is a good brand for people. And in today’s date, so many people used it also. So from the review, many of them faced some setting issue. So from this article, you will find what is Belkin router and how to set Belkin router. And also when you set it those time if you faced any problem then how you solve the problem.

Firstly we will find some information about BELKIN router:

Belkin is an American manufacturer product. And Belkin brand was founded by Chet Pipkin in 1983. And those time this brand will launch to create a business with networking. And this brand launched some product like a router, iPod and USB and so many things. But in today’s date, Belkin router is good for all. And it will create his position in the market. In today’s date, so many people use it because they find this brand router has great features with some of the cost. And it’s great from some other routers. So come to the main point. If you want to know more about this router then Router Support will help you.

Setting issue and Solutions:

When you want to set this router I saw many people faced some problem with it. Like the cord problem. So for that, you have a LAN which has two port one port you will connect with a router and another port you will connect with CPU. And in a router, you will see there are 4 port to connect LAN, for that three or four computer you will connect by a router. But in Belkin router, you will see the port has more from another router. And after doing this you just go to the settings by your personal computer and from there you will set the whole settings. So for that, you will go to the browser and by browsing your IP you find an admin page after login it you will find the setting page from there you will set the whole router part. And also one more thing, if you find any kind of problem then you will reset the router immediately and then after some time you will start it and work with it. And then you will see the router will work properly.

Belkin has some great features from other routers. Its netw2ork distance range is too high. For that, so many users have got the facility to use the network. 



For any information, you will browse Belkin Customer Service, by which you will definitely help.



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